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Properties of D-Tartaric Acid

D-Tartaric Acid , also known as D(1)-threo-2,3-dihydroxy succinic acid, is colorless crystal or white powder, with strong odor.This product is stable chemically and is incompatible with oxidizing agents,bases, reducing agents. Besides, it is sensitive to light.D-Tartaric acid is mainly present in the form of potassium salt in a variety of plants, fruits. There is also a small amount present in free species.
The product of D-Tartaric Acid’s categories are various, including fine chemical & intermediates,chiral compounds, carboxylic acids (chiral), chiral building blocks,synthetic organic chemistry and chiral chemicals.D-Tartaric Acid can be used as colour spectrum analysis reagent and screening agent. It can also be used as pharmaceutic resolving agent, food additives, biochemical reagents.What’s more, D(-)-Tartaric Acid is widely used in food industry, such as beer foaming agent, food acidity regulations, flavoring agent and also in soft drink, sweet, fruit juice, ferment powder and others.

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