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What Is Potassium Tartrate

Potassium Tartrate is also called tartar or L(+)tartaric acid dipotassium. It is a colorless crystal or white crystalline powder. Potassium Tartrate can be soluble in water and hardly soluble in ethanol.Potassium Tartrate loses its water when heated to 155°C and decomposes at 200~220°C.
Potassium Tartrate is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and light industry etc. Potassium Tartrate is mainly used to manufacture tartaric acid salts, such as antimony potassium tartrate and sodium potassium tartrate. Furthermore, Potassium tartrate serves as beer foaming agent, sour agent and taste masking agent in food industry. Potassium tartrate is 1.3 times sourer than citric acid, especially suitable for grape juice acidity agent. This product is identified as good food additives by the FAO/WHO expert committee. In addition, Potassium Tartrate is used as analysis agent to produce culture medium for microorganism. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical industry. Potassium tartrate also plays a very important role in tanning, photo, glass, enamel and telecommunications equipment industry.

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