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Introducing D-tartaric Acid 99% Factory

There are two asymmetric carbon atoms in tartaric acid molecule so tartaric acid consists of three optical isomers, namely the right spin tartaric acid, D - tartaric acid or left handed tartaric acid or L - tartaric acid, and meso tartaric acid.D-tartaric acid 99% is colorless crystal or white powder, with strong odor.This product is stable chemically and is incompatible with oxidizing agents,bases, reducing agents. Besides, it is sensitive to light.
D-tartaric acid 99% is widely used in food, medical, chemical and light industry such as being used as beer foaming agent, food acidulant and corrigent. As food add antioxidant,D-tartaric acid 99% can make the food have a sour taste.It can control the formation of silver mirror speed and get very uniform coating.For raw In the mirrors industry, D-tartaric acid 99% is an important auxiliary agent and reducing agent.

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