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Knowing Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate

Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate occurs naturally in many plants, particularly grapes and tamarinds. Salts of Tartaric Acid are called Tartrates. These salts include Calcium Tartrate, Potassium Tartrate, Potassium Sodium Tartrate and Disodium Tartrate.Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is a unique chemical for testing the accuracy of measurement for any moisture analyzer to be sure it is operating properly.The chemical can be used as a primary standard for testing moisture analyzer.
Sodium Tartrate can act as emulsifying salts, antioxidants and antioxidant synergist. With the combination of tartaric acid, Sodium Tartrate can make the soft sour. In addition, Sodium Tartrate can also be used as masking agent, complexing agent, biochemical reagent, stabilizing agent, food additive and so on.The product can also used in grease, jam, jelly, artificial cream, meat products and sausage.

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