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Application of L (+)- Tartaric Acid Food Grade

L (+)- Tartaric Acid is a diprotic acid initially isolated from wine, available as white crystalline powder. It is also called L(+)-2,3-dihydroxy butanedioic acid.The name of L Tartaric Acid is derived from its salt cream of tartar or potassium bitartrate which is usually found in wines.Similar to citric acid.
L (+)- Tartaric Acid Food Grade is widely used in food and beverage as acidity regulator with E number E334. L-Tartaric acid (TA) is the primary nonfermentable soluble acid in grapes and the principal acid in wine, contributing important aspects to the taste, mouthfeel, and aging potential of the vinified product. Moreover, exogenous TA is used as a flavorant and antioxidant for a range of foods and beverages, including grape juice and wine.As chemical separation agent, L (+) - tartaric acid can be used in the manufacture of anti tuberculosis drug intermediates DL amino butanol separation.he properties of reducibility makes L (+) - tartaric acid as reducing agent for chemical mirrors and photographic developer.

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