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Introduction to D(-)-Tartaric Acid

D(-)-Tartaric Acid is also called D(1)-threo-2,3-dihydroxy succinic acid ,with the CAS number 147-71-7.D(-)-Tartaric Acid is a kind of white crystals, and it is sensitive to light. Besides, it is stable chemically and is incompatible with oxidizing agents,bases, reducing agents.In addition, its product categories are various, including fine chemical & intermediates,chiral compounds, carboxylic acids (chiral), chiral building blocks,synthetic organic chemistry and chiral chemicals.
D-Tartaric acid is mainly present in the form of potassium salt in a variety of plants, fruits. There is also a small amount present in free species. In the field of practical application of tartaric acid, they usually mainly use the L(+)tartaric acid or its salts. The industrial way to get L(+)tartaric acid is through fermentation of glucose, raceme fumaric acid can be obtained with the potassium permanganate oxidation.

As to its usage, D(-)-Tartaric Acid is usually applied in many ways.This product can be used as colour spectrum analysis reagent and screening agent. It can also be used as pharmaceutic resolving agent, food additives, biochemical reagents.What’s more, D(-)-Tartaric Acid is widely used in food industry, such as beer foaming agent, food acidity regulations, flavoring agent and also in soft drink, sweet, fruit juice, ferment powder and others.Shanhong Chemical Co,Ltd will offer wider range of products for you to choose.