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Sediment in Wine

Sometimes, you will find that there are some small pour wines in the cup crystal precipitation (sometimes the bottles also available); the precipitation is not the same as the above said both precipitations. These crystals precipitation is not only bad taste, more seen by some as a symbol of high quality wine. So, if you find that a glass of wine with crystal precipitation, completely don't need to worry about.

These crystals precipitation is tartrate, composed of tartaric acid in grapes. Not all fruit contain tartaric acid. Than those who do not have fruits, including grapes of tartaric acid can produce more excellent wine. Tartaric acid solubility in the alcohol than low solubility in the grape juice, in the brewing process, it will combine to generate hydrogen tartrate and potassium - that's what you see in the cup crystal precipitation. Red doesn’t like white wine that is always in low temperature environment, so it's easier than white wine to precipitate potassium hydrogen tartrate crystal precipitation.

In theory, all wine should appear tartrate precipitation. But with the development of modern technology, already can through low temperature control and filter out most of tartrate in wine. Those made according to the traditional methods, the price is more expensive wine because no use low temperature control and filtering technology, and it is easier to appear tartrate. In France and Italy there are a lot of people like brewed wine in the traditional way, they will give the tartrate precipitation as a symbol of wine quality.

Tartrate precipitation in wine doesn't hurt body, also won't destroy the taste of wine, so don't need to get rid of it. Of course, the precipitation, there is no good to the body, you don't need to drink them specially.